Artist Bio

Katja Wunder (b. 1984). Currently resides in Germany. 

Studied Arts at School of Arts, Novokuznetsk (2002), and Foreign Languages, Novokuznetsk, Russia (2004). 

In her art, Katja Wunder mainly focuses on a human eye, which she defines as ‘the mirror of the soul’, representing it through various abstraction techniques. Aiming at deconstructing the viewer’s field of vision, she brings the subject out of its original context, thus, studying the connection between visibility and identity through the prism of art.

The artist considers her works incomplete without a viewer present. It’s not until a person faces them and changes them through one’s reflection that Katja’s canvases become a piece of art. Thus, each artwork may be perceived differently, depending on the viewer’s perspective.

Katja Wunder’s works have been exhibited at various art venues across Europe, including Art Nakhabino, Moscow (2019), SWISS Art Expo, Zurich (2020) Luxembourg ART PRIZE (2020), M.A.D.S. Digital Art Gallery, Milan and Artinside Gallery Florence. 


Artist Statement 

My art lives with me, changes me, transforms me, and reflects my personal life and my experience in recent years.

Currently I am particularly inclined towards abstract painting, where I focus on portraying the eye, its shape, symmetry, and asymmetry, amidst an abstract background. It’s all about the way the subject and the background interact with each other and the viewer. We’re all aware that eyes reflect the inner world of a person, so in my art, I take interest in exploring that sort of interconnection.


My insight is: a woman’s body can change, but her eyes and gaze remain unchanged.


Contact details:

Katja Wunder